Jan Franken + Arnold Wilbard

partners, founders, friends


‘The deepest safari experiences, the most impactful, are those where your surroundings & facilities do not isolate your connection to the Serengeti with too much padding. Spend your money to be put and kept in touch, not to be removed and cocooned into many layers of ‘luxury’.

Sacred advice from our most experienced repeat customer.

When passion connects 2 individuals with very different life experiences and skill sets, and the chemistry sets in, there is often magic for others to feel.


This is the story of Sound of Silence. An extraordinary safari camp (or lodge, as many will call it) bound only by the rules of giving back, protecting, nurturing and through this being able to provide an experience in the Serengeti unlike any other.


When your life’s education has been in nature, when all of the career people in your family have been botanists, rangers, and field guides; when you’ve guided for 15 years for the best businesses, including 12 ascents of Mt Kilimanjaro as lead guide, you’re a true person of the bush, of nature.

Arnold Wilbard speaks 4 languages, and has multiple qualifications from leading colleges including nature and mountain leadership. He originates in the Southern part of the mountain slopes of Kilimanjaro, where elephants used to come and destroy his grandparent’s crops in the farm. His first animal ‘spot’ at a very young age was a zebra, still  today his favourite animal. A ‘dazzle’ of zebras, he’ll tell you. Not a herd, a dazzle. And a journey of giraffes.

Over the course of many years he came to know Jan Franken and Inge Daam. Initially as customers, latterly as friends and finally as business partners.



Jan Franken has been in hospitality his whole life, primarily in the Netherlands. His love of people, and particularly food and its role it plays in bringing friends and families together, played the significant role in his career in restaurants. Jan’s single biggest passion has been photography, particularly the wildlife and landscapes of east Africa. It was on his 9th safari in Tanzania that Jan met Arnold Wilbard. And it was during his 14th that Jan and Arnold drafted their plan for an affordable, luxury safari lodge. A camp that would focus on keeping its guests connected, night and day, to the Serengeti. And with Jan’s passion for service, knowledge of food, the only camp in the Serengeti with an A la carte menu was born.



Respect in the safari world is earned through authenticity. Remaining honest to the needs and intentions of all stakeholders.

Real experiences. Real comfort. Prized location against the hills with 180 degree views from each and every tent. Abundant wildlife within game drive distance and time. And a very special touch with great food options.

Our respect for our colleagues, their families and the communities we serve. And last but so importantly, our respect for what nature has given us.

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